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Breaking with tradition and conventional specialized curricular structures, provided the opportunity to create courses in Applied Humanities, Mathematics and Science, thereby offering a more relevant challenging foundation for all public professions.

Professor Rosenstein’s educational contributions can be viewed in two categories. The first: Traditional courses that have been modernized and new courses that have been introduced. The second: Methodology for effective and efficient analysis and synthesis of higher education programs/curricula that anticipate desired future societal life quality.

UCLA Professor of Engineering

Courses: Unified Field Theory
Linear System Analysis and Synthesis
Automatic Control Theory
Electronic Circuits & Systems
Electromagnetic Machines
Engineering Design
Decision Making
Optimization Theory
Computer Aided Design
Large System Design
National Competitiveness and Economy
Engineering Education – Curricular & Systems Design
Disciplines: Professions Method:  Resource Allocation and Decision-making (Design)
Design/Optimization Educational Systems & Curricula
Applied Humanities
Publications: 2 Books
  “A Study of a Profession and Professions Education”:  Allen B. Rosenstein, UCLA EDP 7-68, December, 1968
“Engineering Communications”:  Allen B. Rosenstein, Robert R. Rathbone & William F. Schneerer, Prentiss Hall Series in Engineering Design, 1964
Selected Papers, Reports – See attached list. Copies available upon request.
Consultant: U.S., Canadian and Latin American Universities, Educational Planning
UNESCO, Planning for Higher Education
NSF, Educational Systems


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