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Dr. Rosenstein has been a long-time practicing professional Engineer. His study of Automatic Controls and Electro-Magnetic Systems led to industry consultations and the founding of several corporations to design and manufacture these devices and systems.


Pioneer Magnetics, Inc., CEO, Board Chairman
Pioneer Research, Inc., CEO, Board Chairman
INET, Inc., CEO, President, Chairman
Anadex Instruments, Inc.
International Transformer, Inc.

International Trade:

Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. designs and manufactures High-Tech Power systems for domestic and foreign customers. Although most of the larger American power systems suppliers have moved their manufacturing overseas, Pioneer Magnetics’ engineering and primary manufacturing is maintained in California. However, for over a decade, Pioneer has had manufacturing affiliates in China, Malaysia and Mexico

This past decade has given Pioneer practical experience in international trade and manufacturing, exchange rates, capital costs and availability, labor rates, international D & R vs. R & D and comparative advantage.

Patents:  5 patents on Electro-Magnetic systems


The IEEE Competitiveness Committee
American Electronics Association Competitiveness Committee
The Council on Competitiveness Founding Advisory Committee
AARP Competitiveness Committee

Presidential Committees and Conferences

  • Reagan - White House Conference on Productivity: – Government Organization Panel
  • Carter – Conference on Competitiveness
Publications: See list. Any publication available upon request.


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