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The Best Chicken Tortilla Soup

The Best Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe – This fresh and healthy tortilla soup recipe is easy to make and an absolute crowd-pleaser.

Top view of chicken tortilla soup recipe in the pot and a serving as well in a bowl ready to eat

The Best Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe Ever?

It would seem that everyone has their own version of chicken tortilla soup. Some are thick like gravy. Some thin and watery.

I prefer a thin, but not watery, broth-based chicken tortilla soup with lots of veggies and toppings.

Today’s Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe is exactly how I like it. Rich, zesty, and ultra comforting, with a slightly spicy finish.

mexican soup recipe that is topped with avocado and cilantro

Our Most-Requested Dish… Tortilla Soup

I developed this easy chicken tortilla soup recipe years ago and would venture to say it is my most requested recipe, both with personal friends and blog readers. I email the link to this recipe constantly!

Why is it so popular?

Our authentic chicken tortilla soup is chunky, perfectly spiced, and so quick to make.

The deep rich essence of the broth comes from sautéing the onions, garlic, and cilantro to release their flavor, before adding the broth and spices.

Cheese is also very important in this recipe for tortilla soup… Cheese and crushed tortilla chips are added at the end to thicken the soup base and give it a comforting luxurious feel.

There is so much depth and flavor in each bowl of soup, this will quickly become a family favorite!

 Best Chicken Tortilla

Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup Ingredients

What will you need to make this zesty Mexican soup? It only requires 15 simple ingredients… 10 of which are pantry staples!

  • Olive oil – To sauté the veggies.
  • Onion – The beginning of every great soup recipe.
  • Cilantro – If you don’t love raw cilantro, you may still enjoy this soup, because the cilantro is well-cooked.
  • Garlic – Fresh is best!
  • Chicken broth –  Use your favorite brand.
  • Diced tomatoes Look for a brand of canned tomatoes that offers “fired roasted” for extra flavor.
  • Chicken breasts – Cook them whole, right in the broth.
  • Ground cumin – For deep smoky essence.
  • Chili powder – Or pure ground chiles.
  • Cayenne pepper – For a little kick!
  • Bay leaves – For a deep herbaceous note.
  • Carrots If the skins aren’t rough and fuzzy, there’s no need to peel the carrots.
  • Monterey jack cheese To thicken the soup and to add as a garnish.
  • Avocados – The perfect creamy topper.
  • Bag of tortilla chips – To thicken the soup and to add as a crunchy topping!

How To Make The Best Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

  1. In a large stock pot, add the onions, cilantro, and garlic. Sauté to soften.
  2. Stir in chicken broth, tomatoes, whole raw chicken breasts, and spices. Push the chicken breasts to the bottom of the pot and bring to a boil.
  3. Add the carrots, and simmer until the carrots and chicken breasts are cooked through.
  4. Shred the chicken, then return it to the pot.
  5. Stir in cheese and crushed tortilla chips to thicken the broth.
  6. Top each bowl with the more cheese, fresh cilantro, fresh avocado, and tortilla chip pieces!

Get the Full (Printable) Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe Below!

Perfect Mexican Soup Add-Ins

If you like to mix things up when you cook, consider adding…

  • Corn
  • Bell Peppers
  • Roasted Red Peppers
  • Black Beans
  • Rice

Tortilla Soup Toppings

I like to top each bowl of soup with:

  • Extra shredded cheese
  • More tortilla chips
  • Chopped cilantro
  • Fresh chopped avocado
  • Lime wedges
Top view of the texture and color that this tortilla soup recipe offers

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Leftover Chicken In This Soup?

Many of you have asked if you can use leftover chicken in this recipe. Absolutely! Just shred the chicken and add it in at the end to warm it. 

Can I Freeze This Soup?

Yes. Just be sure to thaw it at room temperature before reheating, to protect the veggies from turning to mush.

How Long Does Chicken Soup Last In The Refrigerator?

Usually about 1 week. Place it in an airtight container and set it in the back of the refrigerator.

What Do You Serve With This Soup?

A fresh Mexican-inspired salad would be a good idea! You can also pair it with chips, homemade salsa, and guacamole.

Can I Skip The Cheese?

Yes. The broth will not be as thick and rich, but you will end up with a lighter leaner soup.

Can I Take Out The Cilantro?

Yes and no. Yes, you can take out any ingredient, but NO it will not taste the same. I will say, I have served this easy chicken tortilla soup recipe to several cilantro haters, and they loved it.

They say the elusive “soapy” taste is removed through the cooking process. Just be sure to leave the fresh cilantro off at the end.

Can I Make A Low Carb Variation?

Yes. Just remove the tortilla chips!

Can I Make This Soup In The Instant Pot?

Absolutely! Find the instructions in the recipe notes below.

Can I Make Chicken Soup In The Crock Pot?

Want to make Chicken Tortilla Soup in the Crock-Pot? Try our simple Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe!

Perfect Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe #ASpicyPerspective  #instantpot #slowcooker

Looking for More Mexican-Inspired Soup Recipes?

We’ve got you covered…

The Best Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe #ASpicyPerspective  #instantpot #slowcooker

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The Best Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe #ASpicyPerspective #instantpot #slowcooker
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The Best Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
The Best Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe ever! This fresh and healthy tortilla soup recipe is easy to make and an absolute crowd-pleaser.
Servings: 6



  • In a large stock pot, heat the oil over medium-high. Add onions, 1/3 cup cilantro, and garlic. Sauté 3 minutes.
  • Stir in chicken broth, tomatoes, whole raw chicken breasts, all the spices, and 3/4 teaspoon salt. Push the chicken breasts to the bottom of the pot. Bring to a boil.
  • Add the carrots. Return to a boil, then reduce the heat to medium and cook another 10-12 minutes. 
  • Remove the cooked chicken breasts with tongs and either shred or chop them. Add the chicken pieces back to the soup.
  • Stir in half the cheese and 1 cup crushed tortilla chips. If too much of the broth has evaporated, stir in an additional cup of broth or water. 
  • Ladle into bowls and top with the remaining cheese, fresh cilantro, fresh avocado, and more tortilla chip pieces.



This is a great recipe to use up leftover chicken or a rotisserie chicken. Just add it in at the very end to warm it up.
Low Carb:
To make this a “low carb” recipe, omit the tortilla chips. It’s still awesome!
Instant Pot Instructions:
  1. Set the IP on Sauté. Add the oil, onions, 1/3 cup cilantro, and garlic. Sauté 3 minutes.
  2. Stir in chicken broth, tomatoes, whole raw chicken breasts, carrots, all spices, and 3/4 teaspoon salt. Push the chicken breasts to the bottom of the pot. Lock the lid into place and set on Pressure Cook High for 5 minutes.
  3. Perform a Quick Release. Once the steam valve button drops it’s safe to open the lid.
  4. Remove the cooked chicken breasts with tongs and either shred or chop them. Add the chicken pieces back to the soup. Stir in half the cheese and 1 cup crushed tortilla chips.
  5. Garnish as directed above. 


Serving: 1.5cups, Calories: 399kcal, Carbohydrates: 29g, Protein: 12g, Fat: 24g, Saturated Fat: 7g, Cholesterol: 25mg, Sodium: 945mg, Potassium: 695mg, Fiber: 6g, Sugar: 5g, Vitamin A: 4170IU, Vitamin C: 24.1mg, Calcium: 311mg, Iron: 2.9mg
Course: Main Course, Soup
Cuisine: American, Mexican
Author: Sommer Collier

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213 comments on “The Best Chicken Tortilla Soup”

  1. Very Best and Value able content, Keep it up in this way.

  2. Thanks for providing this tasty recipes and also please try to provide other recipes in the same way.

  3. This is a really good recipe. Instead of using tortilla chips, I took five or six corn tortillas, chopped them into little squares and sautéed them with the onions and carrots, added celery. There nothing in the directions on where to add the spices so I added spices with the sautéed veggies and tortillas. The tortillas break down and it makes the soup thicker and it has a great flavor.

  4. I might be mistaken but I noticed the recipe makes no mention of when to add all of the seasonings (chili pepper, cumin, etc.) despite listing them in the ingredients. I just ended up sprinkling them in after adding the tomatoes but it’d be nice to see that added!

  5. I made this soup in the instant pot
    So delicious on a cold winter night
    I made a few changes, I put in my homemade canned tomato soup, canned V8 juice and a bit of enchilada sauce, left over potato water and different spices and the chicken breasts
    After I put the chicken in pieces, so juicy
    After done, I added cheese and tortilla chips
    I definitely will be making this soup again!!!

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  7. I am a very beginner cook as my spouse has always done the cooking and was excellent. She can no longer do this so I am learning.  I carefully followed the instructions but the chicken was very bland in spite of the seasonings in the broth. I did use low sodium broth..  It may be
     like my chili and spaghetti sauce–it needs to sit for a day. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Joe, sorry about your wife’s troubles. She’s lucky to have you.
      Chicken tends to be pretty bland but the sauces it’s with can make up for that. Some ideas you could try are:
      – sprinkle spices on the chicken after cutting it up and before you put it back in the pot. I would try adding cumin, chili (if you want it spicy) and maybe garlic and/or lime juice.
      – increase the amount to spices you’re adding to the soup (eg. I probably doubled the amount to cumin)
      – using full sodium broth will definitely increase the flavor in your soup. My favorite broth is a jar of condensed broth called “better than bullion”. Instead of that, you could try adding lemon or lime juice for extra flavor while keeping the sodium low.
      – in this soup I added a can of black beans and a can of corn. This was for extra substance rather than flavor
      – taste your food while cooking! That way you can make adjustments while you’re still cooking, rather than finding out at the end that something is lacking

  8. I make a huge pot of soup each week to nosh on in between activities, for lunch, or a nourishing snack. Are there any tweaks for making this ahead of time? Would I leave out the cheese and the tortilla chips until serving? Or do these lend to the flavor/texture of the soup? I will, of course, add more cheese and tortilla chips when serving. YUMMO!

  9. Delicious!  We loved it. Very good flavors and easy to make.  I waited until Soup was in my bowl to  add cheese and chips.

  10. I love this recipe!  I add fresh squeezed lime juice to the individual servings, and save the cheese & tortilla chips as a topper — avocado too.  Thanks for the delicious recipe! 

  11. Delicious! Added green chilies! I would double the recipe next time!

  12. My GO TO for chicken tortilla soup! Better than some restaurants!

  13. One of the BEST soups I’ve ever made! I leave out the cayenne pepper though as it is spicy enough for me. I also use tomatoes with green chilies and no fire roasted ones.

  14. Sooooo good! I’ve made this so many time and people are always asking for the recipe! Amazing! 

  15. Delicious! I have been searching for a spicy soup with Mexican flavors and this hit the spot. I used stock instead of broth for a little flavor because I omitted the chicken and I only used the tortilla chips as a topping instead of adding to the soup. Perfect! Thank you for the recipe!

  16. I loved this soup Sommer! Plus, so easy to make and really, really healthy.

  17. I made this for my mother and me last night, She only likes homemade soups and I prefer them as well. This soup was wonderful! We both loved it! We liked the addition of carrots and no beans! We topped it with cilantro, avocado chunks, and crushed tortilla chips. Yummy! Mom is not well and doesn’t eat much so I was thrilled to see her enjoy this recipe.Thank you so much!

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  19. Really amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  20. This soup was amazing! Even my kids wolfed it down. Will definitely be making it again. 

  21. Here we are at the end of April ( almost 80 degrees in Texas) and my adult daughter requested Chicken Tortilla Soup. I followed this in all aspects except for the carrots and it was AMAZING!  My daughter asked if there will be left overs for tomorrow’s lunch! Thank you for this delicious recipe that I will make many times!! 

  22. This soup is simply wonderful! The flavor and heat of the spices are perfect; however,
    I made a little modification by adding some vegetables, namely celery and zucchini
    besides augmenting the amount of cilantro. Next time I might also put in some bell peppers in different colors. It’s just that I am very fond of veggies. This will be my go-to recipe for tortilla soup and I highly recommend it. Thank you.

  23. Hint! Do not add chips and cheese to the soup. Serve shredded cheese and chips on side so all can add as they eat. Chips get soggy very quickly and cheese tastes so much better adding another flavor depth when put in fresh as you go. Thank you-great recipe!

    • great suggestion i agree, soggy chips ruin the soup otherwise its a great recipe and i added roasted corn and a little ch0lula to give it more spice. Added rotiserie chicken at the last minute

  24. Excellent soup!! It’s easy, healthy and quick to make.

  25. This is absolutely the best recipe for chicken tortilla soup. I double it so that I have plenty of leftovers for lunches. It is so good, and I am glad I found it! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  26. I’ve made this recipe several times and is my favorite thing to make!! I love everything about it!

  27. Easy and amazingly good!  This is a keeper.

  28. This recipe is absolutely fantastic!    5 star restaurant quality soup.  I added a bit more cayenne (double) as I like extra spicy.  Made homemade tortilla chips as an extra bonus.  

  29. I absolutely enjoyed this soup. I had about 5 servings in 3 days. 

  30. This was easy, super tasty and we even impressed our fussy Mexican friends. It is a winner :) Thank you

  31. This is so good. Great recipe.

  32. This was so easy and absolutely delicious!!!  The whole family loved it and my husband and I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  Perfect!

  33. This soup was everything I needed during our cold snap! So cozy and full of flavor!

  34. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing chicken tortilla soup recipe! Will surely have this again! It’s really easy to make and it tasted so delicious! Highly recommended!

  35. This soup is one of the most comforting recipes that I have made this winter so far! Thank you for sharing this recipe! 

  36. Love it. Next time I’ll add corn and black beans. 

  37. Excellent versatile base. Will be my go to.

    What I love: the cheese melted into the broth does give it that extra… the broth was flavorful for the soup lovers, heart enough for the ones who need this served over rice (and cilantro lome rice is perfect).

    I doubled this, excect for the carrots and added a large cann of hominy instead. I also minced a med size jalapeño and sauted it with the onion and garlic. It wasn’t more than a 2 star heat, but enough to please everyone. And since I added hominy, I omitted the crushed tortilla chips and served on the side. It was perfect. Next time, I might serve with some thinly sliced cabbage!

    Well done chef!

  38. My mom used to make this regularly when I was in high school, and now I’ve been making it myself over the last 10 years! For my favorite variation, I add in:

    – 1 can of Rotel or green chiles
    – 1 can black beans
    – 1 can hominy

    And for a nice contrast in color, blue corn chips are a must!

  39. Can I use boneless, chicken thighs instead? is it the same pressure cook time in the insta pot?

  40. Made this today, it was fantastic! I actually used fresh chicken broth that I made this morning. I added some chopped poblano chilis with the onion and garlic and Traider Joes roasted corn. Tasted very fresh and light! Will absolutely make this again!

  41. Made this last night, it was delicious! Will definitely make it again, and probably tweeking it just for fun, by adding a couple things. Or may just leave it the way it is.

  42. one of my most favorite soup recipes!

  43. My whole family went crazy over this recipe. It was really easy to make.

  44. This is the first time that I’ve seen tortillas used in a soup this way, and I must say that I like it very much! Thank you for sharing!

  45. thin, not watery, yes! not thick, not watery, that’s my choice, and a great tortilla soup, thank you!

  46. great post

  47. Some of the best tortilla soup I’ve ever had. I did add a can of corn and a little garlic powder. My husband loved it 

  48. This soup was so delicious and easy to make! I used rotisserie chicken and added sweet corn. It was really  flavorful. I will add this recipe to my favorites. Thank you!

  49. Love this recipe! This is the best tortilla soup! Better than any restaurant I’ve been to…

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  52. Best Tortilla Soup I’ve ever had!!! 
    I added a Gouda cheese and it gave it an interesting smoky like flavor. Easy to make. 
    Will be one of my go to soups to make! 

  53. This is a delicious soup! Personally I like a thicker soup, so I modified recipe slightly and used an immersion blender to blend the soup after removing the cooked chicken, and added the shredded chicken back once blended. I reserved the cheese and chips and used just as toppings. This made the soup a bit less caloric, but no less flavorful. The depth of flavors in this recipe is perfect with just the right amount of spice and kick. Lastly, I made homemade tortilla strips as a topping and used white corn tortillas . Thank you for a great recipe. Will make again and again!

  54. Delish
    Rather than carrots I used a red bell pepper and added a chopped jalapeño pepper.
    Added a nice kick. 

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  56. What a great soup! Made this tonight for dinner, accompanied with guacamole, sour cream and homemade cornbread .

  57. We love this recipe. We’ve made it twice now, but the changes we’ve made are:
    1. I precooked 5-6 bone in chicken thighs with a little salt and pepper in the oven at 375 for about 30 minutes and cut up and deboned and added it with the carrots.
    2. I added a cut up jalapeño, without most of the seeds, for a little more kick.
    3. I added a can of white kidney beans (this is the best addition). I drain the can, blend until smooth with a cup of broth, and add with the chicken and carrots.
    4. Last, we used Fritos corn chips rather than tortilla chips the last time, and man they were REALLY good.
    Thank you for the awesome recipe! I love the fresh avocado and such on the top!!

  58. I made a crock pot version but had way to much chicken how can I fix this. I have removed a bunch of the chicken but because its shredded it still had too much chicken. I have added mor beans and corn but still so much chicken.

  59. I travel 40 minutes to get my favorite Chicken Tortilla soup… NOT any more! This soup is just as good if not better!!
    We added a cup of extra broth as suggested by others and more garlic.

  60. I’ve made this a few times and we all love it! I add a can of black beans and a small can of green chiles which takes it over the edge a bit (in a good way). I do find I need to add an extra 2 cups of broth.

  61. Absolutely delicious!!! Recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good hardy soup😋 I make this at least twice a month!
    Thank you for sharing this recipe for everyone to enjoy❤️

  62. I’ve made this recipe a few times and am coming back for more today. It’s my favorite tortilla soup, and I’ve tried many variations. Thanks Sommer!

  63. With some adjustments, this recipe definitely deserves 5 stars. It is a good base but has some flaws, in my opinion.
    1.) add more of each spice for better flavor. (taste and add you’ll find the right amount for yourself)
    2.) just start with 5 cups of chicken broth instead of 4.
    3.) Don’t use large chicken breasts. They will not be cooked all the way through. Or plan on boiling them for 17 mins instead of 10-12.
    4.) The add ons are not optional. This soup is okay without them, but it is next-level when you add a squeeze of lime, tortilla chip strips, avocado, additional cheese, and some thinly sliced jalapeno.
    I hope this helps you make some amazing soup!

  64. This is the only tortilla soup I make now. It’s wonderful! Aromatic while it’s cooking and yummy while you’re eating. Thank you for sharing this tasty recipe!!

  65. YES!! I added the add-ins to make it more hearty!! A hit for sure!! 

  66. How have I not tired this soup? It’s so good.
    I baked some chicken thighs in the day and used that. I shredded the carrots, it made it nicer. And used half fire roasted tomatoes and canned crushed tomatoes. I used canned green chillies too and a dash of red pepper flakes. I took a couple flour tortillas and sprayed them with Pam spray, rolled them up and cut so it made strips, dash of salt. Baked the stripes for 10 mins, they were better then chips.
    My family doesn’t like cilantro, so I used a bug bunch of parsley from my garden.
    Will definitely make again.

  67. Can I use frozen chicken or do I need to defrost first?

  68. Slurpable! OMG. So good. Thanks for this restaurant quality recipe. So.Yum.Delicious.

  69. Absolutely the BEST ever… I have been seriously cooking for the last 40+ years and am a total foodie! AWESOME recipe!

  70. I’m trying to print this recipe on my computer but I get this drop down box that tells me to click on allow above.  There is no allow above and I can’t get the drop down box to go away.  I even emailed the recipe to myself and get the same result. I need to be able to print it so I can buy the ingredients.

  71. Love this recipe!  The only difference is I add black beans.  

  72. This is seriously delicious! I was skeptical at first because the ingredient list looked so simple, but man was I glad to be wrong! Absolutely recommend making it!

  73. The whole family absolutely loved it! Even my kids got seconds! Thanks for the recipe :)

  74. This has become one of my go-to weeknight recipes. It’s so simple and fast and clean up is a breeze since it’s all done in one pot (even without an Instant Pot).

    I use store-bought shredded/matchstick carrots to save time and will sometimes use pre-shredded chihuahua cheese instead of monterrey jack, but otherwise I make it exactly as written, with the exception of adding the cheese and chips to the bowls at time of serving instead of directly to the pot. One time, however, I was about halfway through making it and realized I was out of cumin and so used curry powder instead and wow, it turned out really interesting and delicious like some kind of fancy Mexican-Indian fusion.

  75. I’ve made this recipe several times now and it’s always delicious. My whole family likes it and is always thrilled when I make it. I’ve never felt the need to waiver from the recipe the way it is. Definitely 5 stars. Thank you for sharing. PS – I’ve also never felt compelled to leave a review on any recipe until now, while I have the soup simmering on the stove!

  76. Added roasted red peppers and sautéed an ear of corn in brown butter and added with the carrots. Delicious.

  77. This recipe was delicious! I added quite a bit of corn and pre-cooked my chicken (added it in at the end).
    Turned out soooo good. Will definitely be my new chicken tortilla soup recipe.

  78. This soup was so good! My husband said it was the best soup I’ve ever made :) I added fresh corn from two ears and I only added  the tortilla chips to the top of each serving (not to the whole pot). I will definitely make this again! 

  79. Delicious! Such a yummy rich taste! I used a roasted chicken instead and also added in a jalapeno without seeds.

  80. Easy and delicious. I used rotisserie chicken and added that after the vegetables were cooked.

  81. I love soup and cook quite a bit of it. I used this recipe as a guideline  but made my own chicken broth, added a dried chipotle pepper (pulled it out after 1hr) just to give the soup some ‘pop’) and added some fresh cut corn off the cob. Delicious! Just simply said..delicious!!

  82. I really loved this recipe. I searched through many before settling on this one. First, it looked like what I thought it should, I liked that it had carrots in it, and when I saw the tips that she left, especially how long it would last in the frig., I was sold. How many cooks/chefs that post recipes take the trouble to do that? But, back to the soup, it was everything I had hoped for, velvety, rich, complex, just a little spicy, and so comforting on the rainy day that I ate it. I must confess that I did not use cilantro, as I hate, hate, it, but, due to the excellence of the recipe, I will be trying it next time, because believe me, there will be a next time and not because I live in rainy Oregon.

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  84. My SO said this was the best tasting tortilla soup hes ever had!
    In place of carrots, I added black beans and frozen corn to the mix and it was great.
    Super easy and delicious recipe and I have leftovers for today’s lunch.

  85. Fantastic! This is the soup I have dreamed of, for years. We left out the beans since one child can’t stand them.. Maybe it’s even better. Way good enough!

  86. this is a great recipe; fast and easy; made pretty much as is except I substituted hominy for the carrots; came out great.

  87. 1st-time reviewer of ANY recipe I have tried. It’s not to say others weren’t good, it’s just that this one is SOOOOO GOOOOD!. I highly recommend doubling the recipe since you’ll want leftovers, easy enough to just add a bit of extra broth/stock and re-heat the next day. My husband says he doesn’t like Mexican inspired dishes, because they are too spicy said this one was just right. Believe it or not, the store was out of fresh jalapenos, so I bought a can of them and chopped a few up and then had a few for people to add to theirs if they like it a bit more spicy. The only thing I did differently, was no bay leaves because I didn’t realize I was out at home. Didn’t miss them though, because the flavor profile was excellent. Thanks for the recipe!

  88. Great recipe!! I made my fire roasted tomatoes from scratch.  

  89. One of my families favorites. Thanks for sharing!

  90. Thank you for the recipe.  I usually just wing it but it was nice to have a checklist so I didn’t forget anything.  I recommend adding lime juice to your broth as well as a teaspoon of sugar and a bit of vinegar.  All three add to taste but you will need a lot more lime juice than sugar or vinegar.    It really adds flavor to the broth itself.  Also if you don’t want to add the cheese or don’t have the cheese to add, a roux helps give the soup a bit of body as well. . 

  91. I like this recipe but I add corn and black beans. At the end, I add sour cream. I make my own tortilla strips with corn tortillas. I taught my sister in law how to make it and she makes the homemade ones, too. Believe it or not, homemade makes a difference :)

  92. Seriously best Chicken Tortilla soup!! I made it for my daughters too and they loved it! Great use of the carrots and tomatoes I love the chunks and the cheese melts beautifully in the flavors.. 5 stars!!

  93. This recipe is as good as advertised. Initially I found the broth a little bit thin and watery. I added more salt, some tabasco and valentina hot sauce, and squeezed a couple limes in. I also added a can of corn tidbits and half a can of black beans with jalapenos. I then took half the soup and put it through the blender slightly, then mixed it back in with the rest of the soup. This gave it a slightly more creamy texture. It is now the best tortilla soup i’ve ever had!

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  96. I love this recipe! I love spice but its actually a little too spicy. Even though I omitted the paprika (because I know my kids are wimps when it comes to spice) my teenage son said he couldn’t finish it cus his lips were burning lol. Next time I will half the spice.  

  97. I made this for dinner last night and my husband said it was great. He said it was better than than any restaurant. It was so good.

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  99. Amazing recipe –  my two cents for perfection:

    1. To get the texture you need to blend the soup mixture if you don’t have insta pot. Blend before putting shredded pieces of chicken.

    2. Garnish – squeeze lemon

  100. AMAZING RECIPE! I am an avid soup eater but I prefer soups that showcase the broth, like pho and ramen. The broth is the selling point for soups & this recipe is awesome! I did amp up on the spices but the measurements are a good starting point. My fiance who isn’t super keen on soup like me actually said if all soup was like it he would eat it more often. 😁😁

  101. Great recipe! Leaves a lot of room for improvisation.

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  103. I have frozen cooked chicken already shredded. When would I add it in to the soup so I don’t overcook?

  104. Love it. The cheese melted into the soup makes a rich tasty broth. It’s great. The only change I made is I added about 1 1/2 cups of frozen corn. not because it absolutely needed it, but just because I like corn in my tortilla soup.

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  106. Great Recipe. The whole family loved it! 

  107. We have some tomato haters in my household – they won’t eat “chunks.” If I add sauce or puree, do you think I would need to add less stock?

  108. Delicious!!!! Thank you! I added rice and more broth such a great hearty and tasty recipe! Much thanks for sharing and posting!!

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  114. I’ve made this several times and it’s my go to for an easy, flavorful soup. Since I live in San Antonio it’s a staple around here. I fry tortilla strips instead of bagged chips but either way works. I have also added zucchini and that has been a hit here.

  115. I used HOT enchilada sauce as the group I feed loves spicy! This soup got rave reviews!
    I also added a jar of Alfredo sauce to make it more creamy, I will definitely be making this one again!

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  119. This recipe is delicious and so easy to make! I only made 2 adjustments: I only used one carrot & added a jalapeno (I always like a little extra spice). I also did not use avocado simply because I did not have one on hand, but I think it would have been a great addition to this recipe. This soup is the right consistency and has great flavor. This is now going in the normal rotation & I would highly recommend to anyone!

  120. Excellent and kid friendly!  
    I used half the tomatoes, added Mexican sweet paprika, and then substituted the chips with tortillas corn into bit sized pieces, which I’d added halfway through cooking so they would dissolve into the soup.
    Super easy recipe to make and super tasty thank you!

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  124. Made the soup tonight and it is printed and now on the hall of game of our family secrets cookbook voted UNANIMOUSLY by hubby and my two teenage boys who are  foodies.  We cook a lot in our family with tons of flavor and this soup did not lack ANY flavor.  Was absolutely delish!  My son requested I add corn and black beans next time. Not a fan of the beans personally but will give it a try.  

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  128. I really love your approach to the tortilla soup recipe because there is no wrong way to make it taste ‘comfy’.   Like I prefer all my stuff to be fresh but I don’t always  have time to do it all that way.  The back bones are here, no judgement, great advice.  Definitely subscribing.  Awesome job!

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    Full Disclosure – I added a can of black beans just because I really like beans in this type of soup.

    • Nicole, I thought about that….didn’t do it because I wasn’t sure….but I think it is exactly what I am gonna do next time

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    As you mentioned, I use a purchased rotisserie  chicken, with the cooked meat added at the end. 

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  148. I think if you can reflect like that, you can get the scar removed and still remain the great, lesson-learning person that you are. You will just look at where the scar used to be and think of the words you wrote above in addition to your nine-year-old-self. You won’t just have to think of pox and birds, you can think of being emotionally healthy, and a self-reflective person.You will get two lessons from one scar. Not too shabby :)

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  150. I prefer my childhood scars to my adult scars, lol..but with a bowl of this goregous soup, my scars would quickly fade..great recipe!


  151. Scars are badges of honour and they don’t give those out to just anyone! I wear mine with pride ;)

    LOVE your gorgeous soup and how I know it will stick to my ribs. It’s been raining continuously for about 28 straight hours now, I’m shivering in my robe and slippers and I tell you, I could really use a bowl of it right NOW!!

  152. I like your pock mark, Sommer! And I like even more that you are going to keep it;-)
    Hey, this soup looks awesome. I love the step by step photos-they are so enticing. Plus, they make me want your Le Creuset looking Cauldron (smile). Ooh, and that bottom photo is killer by the way. Just lovely!

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  154. I love chicken tortilla soup but have never made it myself. Yours looks so delicious that I think its time I tried! Btw, you won my Isaly’s giveaway! Congratulations! Please send me your address at anniesdish@gmail.com so I canget that out to you!

  155. Such a gorgeous bowl of soup… after making this I can see why you get so many requests. And I love your take on scars…so insightful…

  156. Superb dish.
    I like your story. I have tiny scars due to a little illness inside my arm. When they were fresh I was really mad about it, I didn’t wear short sleeves that year, I even had sorts of gloves. I had to wait before I could have them removed. Later when the dermatologist reminded me I planned to do the laser, I said : ” NO ! I keep them.”. They are now part of me and whenever I see them, they remind me of the holidays with friends when I was hiding my arm.

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    Tasty appetite

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    Big hug to you today.
    The colour of your site is such a pleasure to open (but there are these two big bare feet – beautifully manicured) on the advertisement right beside your bowl of soup that is a touch off putting)

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  168. Sommer, Thanks for the Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe. It is truly wonderful. I love your story too. I have a small scar on my forehead from a bike accident when I was a kid. I blamed the accident on a neighbor boy – I lied he didn’t have anything to do with it. My mom was so upset she paid his mother a visit. A couple stitches, and hours later, he showed up at our door with flowers for me. YIKES! I’d say that scar of mine is well deserved :)

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  171. Sommer! Love your new site, but what I’m really here to say is that I made this tonight last minute with rotisserie chicken in less than 1/2 an hour (after sending Brian to the store) and we loved it! The crushed tortilla chips and fresh cilantro were amazing. This is a new simple favorite. ( : xo

    • Oh Laura, I’m so glad you liked it! Last night I tweeted about my “nearly famous” soup and several local friends responded that it was famous in our circle. TWO different families reported they were actually having it for dinner last night!

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  175. Lovely post!! I have that scar inbetween my eyebrows … and it’s from chickenpox! I picked it and picked it till it bled and got a scar from it. Nobody sees it, but I know it’s there…I know what you mean. :)

    The tortilla soup looks incredible – I love the variety that you’ve used and the result of a colorful, flavorful meal.

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  181. “God will not look you over for medals degrees or diplomas, but for scars”.
    ~ Elbert Hubbard

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  185. Excellent presentation, Sommer.

  186. Every wrinkle and and every mark inside and outside of my body represents an experience to me as well, good or bad. I don’t want to erase all these memories from my body because I feel I erase them from my life. I want them to be there and remind me of those moments. I can understand why everyone asks for this soup, it looks delicious.

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  188. Ah! Yay! I am so excited! I never win anything!
    On another note- this soup looks delicious! Chicken tortilla soup is one of my favorites. Also, I agrees with you about scars- they are a reminder of the past and all we have been thru… The good the bad and the ugly!

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    Cheers from NZ,


  190. love this soup and great and moving post

  191. I have a scar on my face too :) :). Hit by a half a brick on the playground as a kid and needed to get stitches! I hated it growing up, but now I look at it as making me unique :).

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